Running a business, managing a team, and balancing your work and life goals aren’t easy tasks–no matter how much you try to convince yourself that you can do it all. 

Mental Performance Coaching 

Train your mind as an elite athlete would.

The same stressful late nights. The same team problems. The same scaling struggles. The same overwhelming feeling that you know there has to be a way out of this. My Mental Performance Coaching technique is rooted in tried and true psychological theories (we’re talkin’ real ass science) to help you get off this stress-inducing hamster wheel so you can finally reach the success, freedom, and clarity you’re craving. Let me teach you how to use the tools created by leading scientists, and proven by innumerable successful people, and apply them for your own success. 

Sometimes running a business feels like you’re on a hamster wheel. 

Use psychology, brain rewiring, and mother nature to achieve your goals without burning out 

When you learn how to master your mind, you’ll quickly learn how to manage your stress, regulate your emotions and become the best version of yourself. I teach you how to use the flood of cortisol and adrenaline to work for you as a business owner–because I know you’re tired of feeling rushed, overwhelmed, anxious, and tired. We’ll train your brain like an athlete does so you know what to do when faced with stressful situations (aka–every day as a CEO and leader). 

Business owners and leaders who successfully manage stress will reach goals faster without pulling up to Starbucks for their third quad-shot latte for the day.  

Leading a presentation. Pitching to your dream client. Having a tough conversation with an employee. For most of us, this puts our bodies into a state of fight or flight. Adrenaline and cortisol flood our body, we start sweating more than normal, and we might even turn red. Rather than suppressing or avoiding this emotional reaction, it’s time to use it to your advantage. MPC teaches you how to turn stress into excitement. 

Let fight or flight be the reason why you land more clients, lead a more effective team, and hit your next revenue goal. Most people assume we should avoid feeling nervous and stressed–but that’s total bullsh*t. Mental Performance Coaching leverages decades of proven research that shows us how to put good pressure on ourselves to reach peak performance. Professional athletes and high-profile leaders are taught Mental Performance tactics to be the best version of themselves when pressure is the highest–why should you train your mind any differently?   

It’s time to learn how to make survival mode work for you 


What did I miss? I know you thought you could be the do-it-all-and-make-it-look-easy person, but we all reach a plateau in business and life. Whether you’re treading water (read: drowning) to keep up with all your responsibilities, or you’re finally ready to wave the white flag and ask for help–I’m here to give you the clarity you need to step into the next level version of yourself. 

Run a business. Manage a team. Go to the gym. Spend time with friends. Take care of your family. Eat healthy meals. Be present with your partner.

Become a highly effective leader in six months

Imagine leading a life where you are admired for what you have created LONG after you have stepped away. 

Imagine being able to stay focused and pivot your pitch when your client throws a curve ball in the middle of a meeting. 

Imagine being able to hear “no” from your dream client and not spiral downward. 

Imagine having a team that “just GETS it” and believes in your mission, like they can read your mind. 

Imagine believing NOW (with actually hard evidence) that you will have the multi-million dollar company you’ve wanted.

Imagine closing your laptop at the end of the week and not thinking about work until you open it back up Monday morning. 

Fill Your Life With F*ck Yes Energy

Warning: Working with a Mental Performance Coach will make you unf*ckwithable

Seriously, pause for a second and imagine this with me. Instead of waking up with overwhelming dread to check your emails, you start your day with calm clarity. Instead of having the wet-armpits feeling when stress hits, you’re able to use stress to your advantage (and maybe save some money on deodorant). Rather than letting your emotions control you, you’re able to completely control how you react to every situation life and business throws at you. Instead of feeling overwhelmed every day, you know how to delegate, prioritize, and manage your workload with ease. Imagine knowing what to say f*ck yes to and what to leave behind because you’re in touch with your energy again. 
All of this is possible for you. 


A business coach can give you a growth strategy, a marketing plan, and project management tips. But you know that’s not what’s holding you back from feeling successful. A mindset coach can give you affirmations, help you learn to manifest your goals and give you mindset tools. But you need tangible results from science-backed techniques. Mental Performance Coaching is unlike any other form of coaching. It uses research from decades of science to help you take control of your success–and learn how to make your brain work for you, not against you. No fluff. No bullshit. Real, actionable results. 

Trade the one-size-fits-all business and mindset advice for real science-backed Mental Performance Coaching.

You don’t need another business coach

Molly N. CEO Acorn Digital Marketing

"Her workshop on the ATC model was so insightful and has already helped me so much as business owner. She's able to take research, studies, and psychology, and distill it down into topics that I can understand AND helps me see how I can apply it to my daily life as a business owner. The way she's able to tie in data and science-backed research into her coaching helps me understand the WHY behind her recommendations. She's not just another coach who will give you suggestions on what to do in your business--she provides research-backed and tested methodologies in leadership, communication, stress management, and so much more. If you're like me and you need to know WHY something works without all the fluff, Karina is your gal. “

Karina helped me truly realize how in control I am of my reality



Mountain Mentality Member Portal

This is where all your audio files, recorded workshops, and pre-work prior to coaching calls will live. This member portal will have all workshops that have ever been recorded within the True Adventure Collective.


Bonus Trainings

Monthly workshops with everyone in the Mountain Mentality PLUS the True Adventure Collective community. These workshops are lecture-based followed by a discussion of application. They break down decades of research and science-backed theories into digestible content. These workshops include topics such as confidence building, the motivation spectrum, goal setting, controlling the controllable, reframing stress, fear to excitement, and so much more!



Join a private group on Facebook with other leaders and CEOs are going through the same frustrations, struggles, and celebrations as you. Here you can celebrate your wins, get advice and insight from me, ask questions, and collaborate 24/7. . It’s the accountability group you’ve been craving.


LIVE weekly Coaching Calls

Each week for six months we will meet LIVE. We will have a teaching portion of science-backed theories that will directly help you become the highly effective leader you want to be. We will celebrate your wins of the week and then coach on any intentions you have for the call. 

Here is what you are going to get 

What’s included

I don’t teach the fake-it-til-you-make-it type confidence, I teach you how to prove to yourself you can do hard things every single day. I help you train your mind to overcome fear, use stress to your advantage, lead with confidence, and run your business with the calm clarity your mind has been begging you for. 
Stop the shame spiral. Stop the guessing games. Stop draining your energy. You know that success is in your future–I’m here to make the journey to the top a hell of a lot easier. 

A customized one-on-one six-month Mental Performance Coaching program

Mountain Mentality



6 payments of


1 payment

My Guarantee: If you show up and apply the simple steps… you will master your mind to conquer any mountain you come across, literally and figuratively. When you go all in on rewiring your brain you will become the highly effective leader that leads from F*CK YES energy


You want to to stay in your comfort zone and avoid challenges

You are not serious about achieving your highest potential

You do not believe in the power of mindset shifts

You're not ready to let go of doubt, perfectionism, and fear

You're not interested in science-backed theories and strategies

You're not willing to get uncomfortable to achieve your goals

YOu're are not interested in personal growth and development

It's probably not for you if...

You’re ready to learn how to get out of your own way and achieve your biggest goals in life and business.

You are ready to lead from true confidence

You are ready to let go of doubt, perfectionism, and fear

You are sick of hearing from business coaches who talk about fluffy concepts rather than science-backed theories that actually work.

You are serious about making mindset shifts into your highest performing self

You are ready to increase the impact you have with your employees and mentees

You are a business owner whos ready to maximize her capabilities

This is for you if:

But it is for badass CEOs and leaders who are willing to get uncomfortable to reach their biggest goals. This is your time to say F*CK YES and create the life you want.

Mental Performance Coaching isn’t for everybody

It was my job to teach these people to become effective soldiers–not effective people. I wanted to teach them how to connect with themselves, with nature, and the world around them. 

As I worked for 10 months to earn my Yoga Teacher Certification at the same time I worked with the Army, I realized how desperately I wanted to combine my passion for yoga with MPC–because, yes, they flow together perfectly. And since I couldn’t easily convince soldiers to practice their downward dog and tell them how much a hike on Mount Rainier would calm them the f*ck down, I knew it was time to put my energy elsewhere. 

I left my job with the US Army to become a Mental Performance Coach for badass female leaders and CEOs. Between the research and science-backed theories I learned in my master's program in Sport & Performance Psychology, two years working with collegiate athletes, three years working with US Army Soldiers, and two of teaching yoga, I now put all my energy into helping people like you be more successful than you could have ever imagined. 

I created the life I’m obsessed with. Now I want to help you do the same. 

Looking at these soldiers as humans first. 

But you know what this job was missing?

… but I started off working with collegiate athletes. . Let me explain. 

I started my Mental Performance Coaching (MPC) journey at Florida State University working with collegiate athletes, coaching them on confidence, motivation, and optimal performance. 

After two years I was offered a job on Joint Base Lewis McChord in Washington state where I worked as a Mental Performance Coach for soldiers in the US Army for 3 years. Thankfully, this is also when I fell in love with the PNW and all its glory. I coached units on how to become highly effective communicators, resilient,productive, and effective problem solvers. 

I help courageous leaders and entrepreneurs chill the f*ck out through badass adventures and Mental Performance Coaching

I'm Karina Baldwin!

About the founder


Mountain Mentality 

You’ll have the tools to rewire your brain. You will become consistent in the way you show up.Relationships will begin to change into fully supportive love. Highly effective leaders know how to fill their life with f*ck yes energy.

Build Mental Endurance

You’ll learn the 4 sources of Confidence and how you can use each one to quit people pleasing, and start enjoying the CEO life. You'll take time off and leave your phone on DND without the guilt!

Make Success Predictable

You will learn the Performance Coaching Model in order to begin planning your success and the exact steps to get there. You will feel motivated when you want, rather than waiting for inspiration to strike.

Uncover Mental Blocks

We break down science-backed theories to discover your mental blocks that are stopping you from being your most productive self. You'll learn The Thought Model to gain awareness of your patterns of thinking.

The Mountain Mentality Process

This is the only Mental Performance Coaching Program that takes decades of research-backed theories, like Self-Determination theory guaranteeing self-motivation, the Sources of Confidence to conquer your mindset, or discovering your specific leadership Style. This program makes them digestible and relevant. Mountain Mentality is the ONLY program that not only teaches you mental skills to rewire your brain but it also empowers you to think like the highly effective leader you are. 

Mental Performance Coaching backed by actual science
Control your thoughts and you’ll control your life
Fill your life with f*ck yes energy



6 payments of


1 payment

My Guarantee: If you show up and apply the simple steps… you will master your mind to conquer any mountain you come across, literally and figuratively. When you go all in on rewiring your brain you will become the highly effective leader that leads from F*CK YES energy

SSG Noah Clark, Ghost Combatives

Karina’s worked with my Soldiers on several occasions directly guiding thought work and self awareness exercises. These were aimed at my young leaders who are sometimes easily overwhelmed at the full prospect of their duties. In keeping with its purpose Karina’s work led to a multitude of successful dialogues, which allowed senior leaders the insight to help them mitigate or avoid burnout. Her assistance was also required specifically for self regulation and breath-work wherein my Soldiers prepared to engage in hand to hand combat. Her assertive and jovial approach was instantly well received as well as how astutely she met skepticism without belittling or dismissing the person. She sought to challenge them to rise to their inquiry and often found a way to show her work did precisely what it needed. without a doubt changed the lives so many Soldiers for the better. 

From a general wellness to mobility to a deeper psychological or spiritual connection Karina led simply, boldly, and always with an engaged and attentive energy that welcomed everyone. 

Holly J. CEO Dahlia Activewear

"Learning skills like positive mindset or ceo mindset are something that is going to help me succeed for life. I’m no longer procrastinating (from self doubt) on planning the next big thing for my brand and instead actively putting all the steps on my calendar to stay on task and get it done! I can imagine the ATC Model helping me when I get stuck. Writing down those scenarios has been really helpful. It feels like every new hurdle is reduced from a mountain to a speed bump.”

Coaching has helped to accelerate my confidence in promoting my brand and hosting brand centered events

Sierra G FSU Athlete

“I worked with Karina during my first season on the Florida State Cheerleading team. I was coming off of multiple years of mental blocks and continued to struggle with this in my collegiate career. I met with Karina once sometimes twice a week to help me work through this blockage. She had me do activities that made me feel more sure of myself and my cheer capabilities. Karina encouraged me to talk about the hard stuff and to constantly work on skills that scared me.

This was my first experience with a sports psychology coach and it was a great one.


Ready to step up your game and achieve the success, freedom, and clarity you deserve as a business owner or leader? 

Sign up for Mental Performance Coaching and learn how to leverage science-backed techniques to master your mind and manage stress like an athlete. Say goodbye to overwhelm and burnout, and hello to peak performance and fck yes energy. 


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